“What an incredible smell you’ve discovered!”

I stink at a lot of things. I’m secure enough in my manhood to admit that I’m terrible under the hood. (Sidenote: when something went wrong, I would just pop the hood for The X. I’d stand by her side, nodding occasionally. She wasn’t fooled.) I’ve also learned that a basic ponytail is beyond my grasp at the moment. The graphic for my header is pretty much the extent of my artistic abilities. And I’ve never been able to get anything bigger than a small rock to float using the Force (a starship? That’d be impossible!)

But more important than knowing one’s weaknesses is knowing one’s strengths. I first learned how to cook as a high school student, during what amounted to my parents’ trial separation. I learned how to shop for groceries in the years before that. By necessity, I’ve reached advanced levels in both. It has turned me into a foodie.

In other words, Lilbit and I may end up stranded on the side of the road, but at least we won’t go hungry.

So I hope you guys (both of you reading this) will excuse me for talking a lot about food. It’s something I find important, and it’s not one of the traditional male “roles.” You can say what you want about stereotypes, but they often have something behind them (which is why I don’t dance–I’m very white in that department). So, there are probably a lot of you single dads out there clueless about what’s going to be for dinner. And you don’t have enough time and/or confidence to go all Martha Stewart when the kids are hungry.

That’s cool. I’m here for you. I’m a 9 to 5er who cooks most nights, and so can you. Stay tuned, and Dad Solo will try to hook you up with some good advice and some awesome recipes.



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