“Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.”

It finally happened last week. Lilbit looked at a sheet of paper and started sounding out the words. I recognized the sound of her voice; this wasn’t just a short-term interest. This is the start of a life-long fascination with the written word. And how do I know she’s going to love reading for life? Because I’m her Daddy…and also because she’s on the same path I was on at her age.

Unfortunately, the only time we’re alone and she can focus on reading is in the car (there are electronics, and I am weak). I say “unfortunately” because I can’t drive and coach reading at the same time. Enter my ingenious and possibly pedagogically sound idea:


I made sheets of words with repeated sounds. Let’s face it; consonants are easy. Vowels are more like the two-headed podrace announcer on Tatooine. One second they make sense, and the next they’re off the deep end. So I based each sheet on a single vowel sound. They have one-syllable words for now, but I’m sure I’ll be adding the polysyllabic soon enough. Also, I’m guessing digraphs are going to be a need soon.

I realize I’m not inventing the wheel here–I’m not inventing anything. But I want those of you out there with limited resources and time to know that you don’t need fancy systems and expensive tools to make a difference in your child’s life and education. She was pleased as punch with the first of these things, and they’re just pen and paper. Best of luck.


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