“Happy Life Day.”

There are things in this life that it’s better just to forget. The quote above is from the Star Wars Christmas Special, which I would consider a prime example. Another, for me, is that today is my anniversary. Six years ago, I promised to love a woman whose past was something I thought we could both forget. And I kept that promise, even when her past became more real than our present.

To be honest, though, my last anniversary in this marriage actually slipped my mind. I was just celebrating a wonderful oportunity to spend a Saturday taking a train ride with Lilbit. The X apparently remembered, and she celebrated by ignoring all calls from my phone (they were from Lilbit, who wanted to share her exciting day with her mommy) and visiting the convict she has apparently become enamoured with.

I think the thing that steams me most is that she thinks I’m jealous. I’m a veritable melange of emotions lately; however, jealousy doesn’t appear to be one of them. She’s keying in on my anger, but she misses the point. I’m angry because she’s so flippant about abandoning the life I’ve spent the last six years building. I’m angry because she lives with us (she’s moving out soon) and spends even less time with her daughter than she did before. I’m angry because it’s her messes I’ve been cleaning up for years, and it looks like that will still be the case for a long time.

Happy Life Day.



One thought on ““Happy Life Day.”

  1. Wow. Too similar, dude. I just celebrated my last anniversary before our divorce (should be final in a month). It was a six year marriage for us as well. Also, I found your blog because I was going to create a new blog with this same name LOL. You beat me to it 🙂 Good choice


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