Recipe Help

Recipes look like Huttese if you’ve never used them. There are abbreviations everywhere, measurements galore, and words like “al dente” and “par-boil” that you don’t hear anywhere else. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to be a trained chef to make good food, and the Internet has a lot of answers to your questions. (And that’s good for me, too, because I’m no chef either!)

Here’s a list of abbreviations and terms you’ll see in my (admittedly simple) recipes:

Abbreviations (sorry, I’m American; they’re all US measurements)

t. = teaspoon (4.92 mL)
T. = tablespoon (3 teaspoons, 14.79 mL)
*fl. oz. = fluid ounce, by volume (2 T., 29.57 mL)
c. = cup (8 fl. oz., 236.6 mL)
gal. = gallon (4 quarts [qt.], 8 pints [pt.], 16 cups, 3.78 L)
oz. = ounce, by weight (28.35 g)
lb. = pound (16 oz., .45 kg)
º or ºF = degree Fahrenheit, can be converted to Celsius by [(5/9)*(F-32)]
min. = minute
hr. = hour

Terms (more coming as needed)


Slice – cut into thin pieces of roughly equal width
– cut into large pieces
Dice – cut into small, generally square pieces
Mince – cut into very small pieces


Bake/Roast – place in a preheated oven at the temperature listed for the time listed
Fry – place in hot oil (recipe will state how much) until done, flipping when one side is cooked
Deep fry – place in enough hot oil to immerse completely (usually in an appliance for this purpose)
Steam – place in a steamer basket until softened to suit
Sauté – place in a small amount of hot oil and move food around regularly to prevent sticking

*I won’t use the term fluid ounce, because it’s easily confused with the dry ounce (1/16 pound), and because 1/8 c. means the same thing.

Recipe Difficulty Levels

I use an arbitrary leveling system for my recipes. The four levels are:

Youngling – only basic skills required, little or no cooking, very few ingredients
Padawan – some cooking or other skills required, several ingredients with customization options
Jedi Knight – combination of skilled cooking and preparation, with complex ingredients or options left to the cook
Jedi Master – no targeting scanners, use the Force


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